About Us

At RLA, soccer is “the dessert,” and social-emotional skill development are “the vegetables.”


After-school programs are financially out of reach for many Lewiston, ME families. Rosati Leadership Academy (RLA) breaks down that barrier by providing a safe, free, after-school, youth-development program that is available to at-risk and youth of all backgrounds in our healing community. We cultivate a diverse, inclusive environment defined by sustainable, trusting relationships, positive and rich social-emotional opportunities and expectations, a futsal model (futsal is a fast-paced version of soccer that is played on hard surfaces, rather than grass), and a mindfulness-curriculum.

Our goals are

1. Empowered pro-social & coping behaviors;
2. Academic achievement;
3. Soccer development; and
4. Improved life-circumstances during and after high
school, for RLA Alumni.


Since our inception in 2018, much of our success is due to the establishment of strong community relationships and partnerships. Over 2+ years, we have earned the trust of Bates College, Maine Community Integration, the Healthy Neighborhoods Planning Council of Lewiston, Lewiston Public Schools, the Lewiston Department of Recreation, and many others.