Mr. Travis Jalpert – Assistant Principal at Connor’s Elementary School

Jeremy Young – English Teacher

When I first walked into the Longley gym last spring I didn’t know what to expect. My son had asked the afternoon before if I’d take him. The excitement he had to go play soccer with his friends was infectious. A “yes” was easy to deliver. I found a gym that was awash with activity … Continued

Maggie Hutchison – Lewiston Teacher

I’m a Lewiston Public Schools teacher who would like to express support for the Lewiston Leadership Academy. I teach Grade 6 at McMahon Elementary School, a PreK-6 public school and am so thrilled that my students are able to participate in this program. I’ve known for years that a high-quality after-school program has a myriad … Continued

Hayden Tittle – Lewiston High School Teacher

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my support of the after-school soccer program which has been taking place at Longley. This program offers many of the students in our community an opportunity to develop cooperative skills, interact with other students of various cultures and ethnicities, and further their well-rounded skill sets as … Continued

Alison Avery -Teacher – Lewiston Middle School

Since the start of RLA’s soccer program in Lewiston I have seen a difference in the students attending. Prior to this program a lot of our underrepresented students did not have access to a support system throughout the year. Soccer is such a huge part of the Lewiston culture and as an educator we see … Continued