Alison Avery -Teacher – Lewiston Middle School

Since the start of RLA's soccer program in Lewiston I have seen a difference in the students attending. Prior to this program a lot of our underrepresented students did not have access to a support system throughout the year. Soccer is such a huge part of the Lewiston culture and as an educator we see a marked improvement during the soccer season. These students feel as though they are part of a bigger family and have a support system they can lean on. Seeing Chris or as the kids call him CW working with these kids is truly amazing. He has the ability to make connections with these kids and help them learn more than soccer skills. He instills self discipline, respect, and perseverance in these kids that sticks with them even in a classroom setting. I have the opportunity to work with a lot of the students he coaches and all I need to do is ask what would CW say about your choices right now? They respect him more than just a coach, they see him as a role model. These students often come from broken homes and have a reputation of being the "hard" students. I have seen his work make a drastic difference in the choices these student make in their everyday lives. I believe RLA is the reason behind their desire to be the best version of themselves