Mr. Travis Jalpert – Assistant Principal at Connor’s Elementary School

"To whom it may concern, I’m honored to write this letter in support of Rosati Leadership Academy and the benefit that it brings to our students at Connors Elementary School in Lewiston, ME. As a building leader, it was a no-brainer to partner with Rosati at the beginning of the school year. The program brings so much more than just soccer to the students in our school and community. Chris and his staff are able to teach a curriculum of mindfulness, sportsmanship, empathy, and teamwork through the sport of soccer… a sport that many of our students cherish and have grown up with. Rosati delivers programming three times a week at Connors, from 2:30 to 6:30. This programming is not only available to our elementary students but we also have students from the middle school and high school that join as well. This provides our younger students with a safe and structured environment where they can both learn and play after school. It provides our middle school and high school students an opportunity to serve as mentors and leaders for our younger students.

Rosati staff have become resources for Connors teachers and administrators when it comes to behavior intervention for program participants. The program works as an extension of the school day and holds students accountable for their actions and choices during the day. Rosati staff have been willing to come in early and work with our students in the classroom. They have been a part of student intervention meetings to help problem solve behaviors that students have exhibited in the classroom. Rosati staff have always shown genuine care and interest for our students and are willing to support them in the classroom as much as on the soccer field.

Lastly, it’s not uncommon to walk into the gym on a typical afternoon and see our staff engaged with Rosati programming. Chris goes out of his way to be accessible and inviting and always makes a big deal when staff are around to participate or simply hang out. Our students enjoy seeing their teachers engage with them in this capacity but it’s also hugely beneficial for our staff to interact with our students in this way. Having Rosati be a part of our school and our community is a winning situation for both entities. As an administrator, I couldn’t be happier to know that our students have safe, accessible, and engaging programming available to them, in our own building, after school.

I am a strong advocate for Rosati Leadership Academy and am proud to endorse this program. Please contact me if you need for any further information."

Best regards, Mr. Travis Jalbert Assistant Principal Robert V. Connors Elementary School