Omar Ibrahim – Parent of RLA Student

I write to extend my support for Lewiston after-school soccer leadership academy program.  As a parent I am very excited with this program and I can’t wait my son who is now in kindergarten to join this program one day. This program is an excellent example of an initiative that helps bring our community’s young youths together and learn valuable life skills in soccer that will help them grow into very successful adults. The drills and the endurance of the skills that is taught in this program really helped them physically, emotionally and mentally. I noticed that when I was helping out on one of the days that they had the program at Longley elementary school gym. Your endless generosity for each one of our youths will be remembered for a very long time. This program is not only good for our youth alone but for the future and the pride of the city of Lewiston. We deeply appreciate your support and we urge the continuity of this program